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Finance & Funding

The finance space is complex and often difficult to navigate. There are many options that suit different businesses, at different stages of growth.
During this unprecedented time, you may also find Business Finder a useful supplementary tool alongside the government’s package of financial support for businesses.

Business Finance Finder

South East Local Enterprise Partnership has partnered up with a trusted UK business financing platform, Finpoint. To help SMEs find the right lenders and get access to finance options that are most relevant for your business with just one simple online application.

What you need to know:

Trusted by thousands of SMEs, the Business Finance Finder powered by Finpoint in partnership with South East Local Enterprise Partnership is a one-stop-shop for your funding needs. Taking a whole to market approach, the funding platform is well placed to find a home for your funding needs among high street banks, alternative finance providers, crowdfunding platforms, investors as well as grant and R&D options.

  • One online application to access to hundreds of options
  • Free investor readiness review
  • Algorithmic matchmaking technology with a human touch
  • No cold calls, we protect your privacy
  • Dedicate team – speak to us 24/7

What you need to do:

  • All you need to do is fill in one simple application form, using the link below.
  • Then you can get started with comparing the different funding options and negotiate directly with finance providers to find the best solution to fund your business growth.
  • Remember, sourcing finance with Finance Finder is free.

Take Five to Stop Fraud

COVID-19 Fraud and Scams

During these difficult times, it’s important that you remain vigilant and guard against criminals using the publicity around coronavirus as a chance to target you with fraudulent emails, phone calls, texts messages or social media posts.

UK Finance and HM Government have partnered for the Take Five Stop Fraud campaign, which aims to keep individuals and business owners safe when using digital tools and services.

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Get proactive with working capital

What is working capital? How to improve your working capital Working capital finance
Paying suppliers, salaries, maintenance, restocking: working capital is the money available to cover these everyday financial commitments. In financial speak, your accessible working capital is generally defined as the difference between your current assets and current liabilities. Gain control by credit-checking prospective customers to make sure they can pay. Also, cast a critical eye over your billing processes – are your terms too lenient? How do you chase overdue payments? Small shifts in either area can be quick wins to boost your working capital. While you work on improving your cash flow situation long-term, a one-off injection of working capital can provide flexibility. Arranging a term loan can give you the security to take advantage of new opportunities, bridge short-term funding gaps, or invest in new products and services.

Proactive strategy to working capital

Careful financial planning – the only way to truly protect your business.

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Working capital to support growth

Big ambitions? Fuel them with smart working capital injections.

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For more detailed advice and guidance on your financing options, contact your local Growth Hub:

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