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Doing business with Europe has changed. You need to follow new rules on exports, imports, tariffs, data and hiring.

You should visit where you can use the checker tool to quickly identify the actions that your business needs to take. The checker tool will ask you questions about your business and provide all the information you need to be aware of such as new rules on:

Border control processes

A new timetable for introducing import border control processes has been set out by the government to enable UK businesses to focus on their recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government will now introduce full border control processes on 1 January 2022, six months later than originally planned. This will provide businesses with further time to prepare for changes at the border and minimise disruption as the economy gradually reopens.

Documents for businesses

These documents cover actions that businesses must take to ensure they are compliant with the new rules which have come into force. Part A provides an overview of key actions for businesses as well as supporting guidance, helpline numbers and FAQs. Part B lists the top five actions for businesses in each of the following sectors: Aerospace, automotive, chemicals, construction, consumer goods, electronics and machinery, life sciences, metals and materials, professional business services and retail.

Receiving further information

There are email alerts and newsletters you can sign up to regarding Brexit and the ongoing changes to doing business with the EU:

  • Sign up to receive updates on the specific actions you need to take once you’ve used the checker tool at
  • Sign up to receive the regular Business Readiness Transition Bulletin – an email newsletter providing information on major announcements and recently published guidance
  • Information will also be provided in the South East Local Enterprise Partnership newsletter
  • Your local Chambers of Commerce can provide detailed information and resources on what your business needs to do to comply with the new rules

Essex Chambers of Commerce

Essex Chambers of Commerce has compiled resources for Essex businesses to help them navigate through the new regulations and requirements regarding Brexit.

Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Sussex Chamber of Commerce is providing post-Brexit support for Sussex businesses through a dedicated section on its website.

SME Toolkit

Below you can download a toolkit aimed at SMEs to help identify the decisions and actions they need to make to continue trading with the EU and the EFTA. This document provides an overview of actions to take, outlines support, helplines and resources that may be useful for SMEs, as well as signposting to more detailed guidance on Government websites.

There is also a short explainer document which has been produced to help businesses understand the new rules that are in place for business travel to Europe for work. This explainer document contains more information on entry requirements, luggage, earnings, qualifications, and insurance pertaining to business travel.

Download the SME toolkit

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