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Adapting with Digital

Has your business been affected by COVID? Do you need to understand new ways of working to make yourself more profitable?

There is an exciting new world of digital technologies available to help you run your business more efficiently, freeing up time for you to concentrate on what you do best and connect with new customers.

Join us for a series of free weekly events that will showcase a diverse array of topics to help you navigate this exciting new world of digital that will help your business be more profitable, strategic, analytical, and help you grow and future proof your business.

Digital is so much more than learning how to do social media; it’s also about:

  • Online accounting;
  • Easier and more efficient ways to work from home;
  • Being able to collaborate effectively in a non-office or event environment;
  • E-commerce and optimising your business for online sales; and so much more.

We will be exploring all of this in engaging, two-way conversations with experts in their field, who can share their knowledge so you can walk away with the tools to implement and drive success in your business.

How the Adapting with Digital scheme can help your business grow

A programme of business support, 100% delivered online, consisting of awareness events and peer networking, masterclasses/workshops, 1-2-1’s, specialist week long events and a pool of online support resources.

What is it?

A programme of:

  • 100% online business support;
  • online awareness events;
  • workshops/masterclasses;
  • 1-2-1s;
  • specialist week-long events; and
  • a pool of online support resources.

Digital capability and helping businesses to be more resilient and efficient by utilising digital skills is crucial and can make a real difference to the competitiveness of the business.

Who is it for?

  • Business owners or staff who want to explore and make step changes with digital
  • Key businesses who will drive growth
  • Businesses that have the capacity to create jobs and grow within local communities
  • Businesses that are at risk of redundancies in these challenging times

Who is eligible?

  • Beneficiaries must be looking to adapt and innovate through digitisation, focussing on the benefits of online or cloud technologies in order to remain viable during and/or beyond a COVID 19 climate
  • Be registered and operating in East Sussex, Essex, Kent, Medway, Southend and/or Thurrock (subject to Postcode Checking)
  • Beneficiaries must have either sole trader status or have been registered with Companies House and must evidence at least 1 year of trading history and be the sole trader, or the owner or an agreed representative from the registered businesses
  • Social Enterprises, Community Interest Companies and charities engaged in economic activity are also eligible

How can it be accessed?

All online. Events and resources will all be hosted on sites like Eventbrite, Zoom, the WSX app. This website will be continually updated as events and activities become available.

It’s really easy to get involved. Simply register for the events below, or for more information please contact

Full event programme

  • Intensive support – 1-2-1 (1-3 hours dependant on need): Support from digital specialists via online Zoom meetings to diagnose key technology issues and priorities with the development of an action plan
  • Workshops and Masterclasses – Adapting With Digital Webinar Series (2 hour sessions): Bi-weekly, delivered by digital specialists and partnered by industry experts
  • Digital Week
  • Marketing Leaders Forum: A monthly meetup online of Marketing Leaders to help learn and share digital developments in the marketing world.
  • Online digital marketing show and networking (You Are The Media) – access to learning events, networking and events from world renowned Marketing speakers.

You can view the full information pack here.


We will have a select number of digital/technology grants from £500-£2,000 available in Autumn 2021. These grants will be for SMEs to resolve specific technology-related issues or new online digital services that will lead to a step change adoption of new business technology.

In order to access these, all businesses must have received a minimum of three hours of support, including a 1-2-1, as the basic requirement to apply for a grant.

All programme attendees will be provided with access to the grants information and guidelines. Grant applications will be via an online Expression of Interest form. If your company is eligible, you will be assigned a Digital Development Officer to progress the application. Grant workshops will run each month to help engage and educate on the application process.

Upcoming events

3 August 2021 | 10am-11am

Join David Taylor from DNASix & Richard Burn from WSX Enterprise to learn how you can effectively plan your digital communications for the future in this free webinar.

19 August 2021 | 1.15pm-2.15pm

You Are The Media Learning is the community learning group on Zoom. This will be in a panel format, hosted by Matt King, where our panel will share what has made the main topic work them. In this session, it is all about presenting.

Watch it back

The digital communications landscape is always a challenging arena to navigate. David Taylor from DNASix and Richard Burn from WSX Enterprise held a webinar in June to show businesses how you can effectively plan your digital communications for the future.

You Are The Media Learning is the community learning group on Zoom. This panel format session, hosted by Matt King, was all about productivity.

Further support

A wide range of business support services are available through your local Growth Hub. If this programme doesn’t meet your needs, please click here to see what else might be available in your area.