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Business Adaptation

Business Adaptation: Guidance for Employers and Businesses

This page will be updated with information and guidance to support businesses in adapting and pivoting when facing new challenges and times of economic uncertainty.

BEST’s Big Business Briefing

From non-repayable grant funding, business advice, access to skills training, recruitment services, apprentices, interns and graduates, exporting, innovation and so much more, the range of support available to businesses is vast.

No matter what stages your business is at, pre-start to high growth, The BEST Growth Hub is passionate about making a difference to businesses, their teams and the Essex economy. With so much available, our Big Business Briefing aims to help businesses, fully understand the full range of support available to them.

BEST's Big Business Briefing - September

September’s Big Business Briefing focuses on kickstarting careers, new businesses and supporting businesses and their employees through these turbulent times.
Themes covered
  • Have you been made redundant and want to be your own boss or do you have a new idea for a business ?

Hear about a new business accelerator programme which is due to be launched soon to help budding entrepreneurs

  • Need to invest in new equipment to help improve productivity or grow your business?

Find out more about some of the non-repayable grant funding available.

  • How can you bolster you workforce in uncertain times?

Find out about new government incentives to help kickstart careers including apprenticeships

  • Are you concerned about the health and well being of your management and employees and as we come to the end of the furlough scheme concerned about redundancies?

Find out more about the support that is available to help you and your employees through these unforeseen times

  • What we do and how can we help.

Hear about the new and existing Growth Hub services, grants and programmes including connecting businesses together through the new national Peer Network Programme

Watch September’s Briefing

Business Resilience Workshops

From trading relationships to technology, most aspects of running a small business are changing. The following business resilience workshops are designed to help businesses identify new opportunities, grow and remain resilient, even during times of economic uncertainty. 

Cyber Security Workshops

This interactive workshop consists of 6 hours of free online training delivered over three 2 hour blocks, and will provide insight on cyber security threats, how to protect your business, cyber security essentials and more.

Take Homes

At the end of the workshop you will have an improved insight into cyber security. Crucially, you will have models that can be applied in your own organisation to develop a change plan in response to the specific challenges and opportunities that the EU Exit and COVID-19 throws at your organisation.

Course Leader – Dr Erika Sanchez-Velazquez

Erika leads our Cisco Networking Academy and has expertise in networks and security. She has a special interest in recently developed technologies, include Software Defined Networks and the Internet of Things, with a focus on how they can improve security and how they affect the security of a network.

Session 1

A World of Experts and Criminals

  • Quiz: how cyber security aware are you?
  • Cyber security report 2020
  • The need for cyber security
    1. What are we protecting?
    2. Who are we protecting against?
    3. Why are they attacking?
  • How to protect?

The Cyber security Cube

  • The three dimensions of the cyber security cube
  • CIA Triad
  • Cyber security countermeasures

Session 2

Cyber security Threats, Vulnerabilities and Attacks

  • Malware and Malicious Code
  • Deception
  • Attacks

The Art of Protecting Secrets

  • Cryptography
  • Access Controls
  • Obscuring Data

Session 3

Protecting the Organisation

  • Cyber security Essentials (NCSC)
  • GDPR
  • Best practices

The Five Nines

  • Incident Response
  • Disaster Recovery

Investment Readiness

This workshop will help business evaluate the past, present and future of business finance, identify issues in their access of finance, provide evolving finance methods to raise fund, value a company using various techniques and forecasting methods, gain insights of different investors and recognise other important factors that might affect investment readiness.


This workshop will consists of 6 hours online training delivered over three 2 hour blocks. Each training session will provide a snapshot of investment readiness under uncertainty, share practical knowledge and tools to attract investors and offer feedback to help businesses secure investment in the post-EU Exit and COVID-19 world.

The workshop is practice-based professional learning with hands-on case studies and analysis tools.

Take Homes

Using cutting-edge knowledge and proven techniques from the workshop, you will develop effective and self-renewing strategies to help your business become investment ready. More importantly, benefiting from practice of investor pitches and feedback from the workshop, you will be able to identify the right investors and increase the opportunities to secure investment deals under Brexit uncertainty.

Course Tutor – Dr Ying Wang

Dr Ying Wang is a Senior Lecturer in Finance at Anglia Ruskin University and the Director of Enterprise Innovation and Financial Technology. Her current research centres on economics and finance, innovation and FinTech, entrepreneurial finance, accounting and finance, political risk, AI and health economics. Via different projects, Dr Wang has collaborated with leading researchers and practitioners in the UK, Canada and China. She has professional working experience in investment and manufacture industries in China and financial services in the UK before working in higher education.

Session 1


  • Reviewing your business finance: past, present and future in the post EU Exit and COVID-19 world
  • Access to finance: traditional finance vs innovative finance and Fintech


Session 2

  • Valuing a business: performance, valuation and forecasting techniques.

Session 3


  • Knowing your investor: equity investment, venture capital and crowdfunding
  • Investment readiness: big pitch


Please note: All rights reserved. No part of these workshops or the materials provided may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Retail Business Recovery Support Webinars

Our series of Business Recovery Support webinars, developed in partnership with The Retail Group, will look at a variety of aspects of businesses such as, customer and staff safety, customer base and needs, performance variables, and performance measures.

Each webinar highlights the various aspects that businesses should be reviewing / considering / evaluating, and planning for given the ongoing COVID restrictions.

Helping businesses to recover and thrive

The first webinar in the series covers a number of essential topics, including ensuring businesses are safe for customers and employees. It also looks at operating safely, applying social distancing measures to businesses and looking at what will drive sales going forward. A key aspect for businesses at this time will be demonstrating (and communicating) to customers that businesses are safe, have the goods customers want to buy and that businesses are open and ready to serve them.

Topics and themes include:

  • Hygiene and safety for staff and customers
  • Operating the business; space, stock and service
  • Making it easy for customers
  • Informing and engaging with customers
  • Implementation actions


Reviewing a business and creating the future trading plan

The second webinar will help businesses to look closely at the key drivers for their particular business, customer behaviour, visit frequency, average spends and key product lines. The aim is to help the businesses identify and secure improved future performance, and to help the businesses trade sustainably, e.g. priority core products going forward, key promotional messages, optimum use of selling space, maximizing the effectiveness of windows and maintaining customer contact.

Topics and themes include:

  • Reviewing your customers and their needs
  • Assessing historic business performance
  • Forecasting future performance
  • Preparing your trading plan
  • Implementation actions

Growing the business in the new normal

This webinar looks at sustainable trading, potential additional improvements needed and the need to adapt and evolve. It also looks in more detail at how businesses can work more effectively with neighbours and place managers to collectively improve performance and customer service.

Topics and themes include:-

  • Assessing the new basics
  • Growing turnover by increasing transaction numbers and values
  • Growing turnover by attracting more customers
  • Working together with neighbours
  • Review and monitor performance
  • Implementation actions

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