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NOVO Awards 2021

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The NOVO Awards programme is powered by the BEST Growth Hub and is Essex’s most prestigious business awards programme that is centred on innovation. It was launched at the EXSE business festival in May 2021. Any size business from any industry can enter (free of charge) before the closing date of 1 July 2021.  Winners will receive a bespoke trophy and be invited to a gala presentation on 21.10.21.

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The NOVO Awards. What’s in a name?

If you’re in business, you’ve probably heard of the NOVO Awards.  You might be thinking “What’s all the fuss about?”  The NOVO Awards are powered by the BEST Growth Hub and open to any Essex business of any size and sector to nominate themselves, free of charge at .

At NOVO HQ, we’re looking for businesses that combine innovation in any of our six entry streams together with the qualities of being smart, ethical and principled.  If that’s you, and your business is brave, bold and ambitious then read on…..

So why call them ‘NOVO’?

Back in the day, when we were planning the NOVO Awards, not only did we want to break the mould in terms of business awards, but we wanted to find a really cool brand to reflect just how different these awards are.

Ta da!  We put our business heads together and came up with ‘NOVO’.  But wait, what does NOVO actually mean?

As the NOVO awards are focussed on innovation, we took the ‘NOV’ from the word innovation.  We then started thinking of a brand and we really liked the concept of an egg representing new things (i.e. new ideas – innovation – get it?!).   Those of you that studied languages may recognise that ‘OVO’ relates to egg.  Can you see where we’re going with this one?

To sum it up, we took the NOV from innovation and the OVO from egg, we blended the two together and came up with NOVO – rather cool don’t you think?

So now you know why the NOVO Awards are called the NOVO Awards.


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